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At Fortham Publishers Limited, our journey is a testament to passion meeting purpose. Founded by the visionary Msurshima Comfort Chenge, our mission is simple yet profound: to empower writers and illuminate minds through world-class publications. What began as a humble endeavor has blossomed into a beacon of literary excellence, shaping the landscape of Nigerian publishing.

Our Commitment to Excellence

With an unwavering commitment to quality and a dedication to our craft, we have forged a path of distinction within the Nigerian publishing scene. Each publication bears the hallmark of meticulous craftsmanship, guided by the expertise of our seasoned professionals. From acclaimed educational textbooks to captivating novels and inspirational poetry collections, our catalog is a tapestry of diverse voices and stories, reflecting the richness of our cultural tapestry.

Bridging the Gap

At the heart of our ethos lies a fervent desire to bridge the gap between writers and publishers. We understand the challenges faced by both seasoned authors and budding talents, and we stand as a beacon of support and encouragement. Through our unique model, we have empowered countless individuals to realize their dream of becoming published authors, transforming aspirations into tangible realities.

Our Collaborative Spirit

At Fortham Publishers Limited, collaboration is more than a buzzword – it’s a way of life. We pride ourselves on fostering meaningful partnerships with writers, editors, and designers, working hand-in-hand to bring stories to life. Whether you’re an established author seeking to expand your reach or an aspiring writer eager to share your voice with the world, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Our Catalogue of Success

Our catalogue boasts an impressive array of titles, spanning a myriad of genres and themes. From educational resources that shape young minds to thought-provoking literature that sparks conversation, each book is a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence. With titles that inspire, educate, and entertain, we are proud to have left an indelible mark on the literary landscape.

Join Our Story

We invite you to embark on this journey with us, where passion meets purpose and dreams take flight. Whether you’re an established author with a wealth of experience or a novice writer brimming with untapped potential, Fortham Publishers Limited is your trusted partner in literary success. Bring us your manuscript, and together, let’s create something extraordinary. Welcome to Fortham Publishers Limited, where every story matters.


1. Fortham Computer Studies for Primary Schools Book 1- (Comfort Msurshima Chenge, 2015)

2. Fortham Computer Studies for Primary Schools Book 2- (Comfort Msurshima Chenge, 2015)

3. Fortham Computer Studies for Primary Schools Book 3- (Comfort Msurshima Chenge, 2016)

4. Fortham Computer Studies for Primary Schools Book 4 – (Comfort Msurshima Chenge, 2017)

5. Fortham Computer Studies for Primary Schools Book 5- (Comfort Msurshima Chenge, 2017)

6. Fortham Computer Studies for Primary Schools Book 6- (Comfort Msurshima Chenge, 2017)

7. Fortham Computer Studies for Nursery Schools Book 1- (Comfort Msurshima Chenge, 2019)

8. Fortham Computer Studies for Nursery Schools Book 2- (Comfort Msurshima Chenge, 2019)

9. Fortham Computer Studies for Nursery Schools Book 3- (Comfort Msurshima Chenge, 2019)

10. Deborah’s Diary- (Deborah Oloche King Adaji, 2019)

11. When One Door Closes –
(Helen Uche Ibezim, 2020)

12. I Love Dad & Mum- (Rabiat Oyindamola M. Ganiyu, 2020)

13. Daughters of Destiny and Leadership Styles- (Maria J. I. Gbagir, 2020)

14. Courtesy A Moral Tool for Schools & Organizations- (Blessing A. Okpe, 2021)

15. The Ten Centenary Graces Upon a Centennial Church-
(Rev. Fr. Paul Amoke, 2021)

16. Mallam Sidi – (Halima Usman, 2021)

17. Kola and Lola: the Frontline Workers- (Halima Usman, 2021)

18. Emeka the Farmer-
(Halima Usman, 2021)

19. Fauziyah Saves the Day –
( Halima Usman, 2021)

20. The Big Aquarium-
(Halima Usman, 2021)


21. Mr. Cockroach –
(Halima Usman, 2021)

22. Sunrise at Dusk A Story of Love and Slavery –
(J. A. Adamson, 2021)

23. The Mind of God: His Perfect Will –
(Edward Akobi, 2021)

24. The 12 Hints of Success & Greatness – (John “Freeman” O. Ondoma, 2021)

25. Entrepreneurship for the Woman’s World-
(Deborah Ogelegbo Oloche Adaji, 2021)

26. A Reflection on the Three Pillars of Lent –
(Rev. Fr. Paul Amoke, 2021)

27. What is Life? The Life Transforming Guide John “Freeman” O. Ondoma, 2021)

28. Sunset A Compilation of Poems-
(Dominic Nwobodo, 2021)

29. The True Identity of a Christian –
(Rev. Fr. Paul Akwagiobe Amoke, 2022)

30. My Favourite Books of Bible Stories-
(Msurshima Comfort Chenge, 2022)

31. Accidental Journalist in Nigeria’s Political and Economic History-
(Cordelia Nwulu-Ukwuoma, 2022)

32. K.A. Jalli’s The Life Changer’s a Game Changer-
(Herren Chuxiec, 2022)

33. Ngunan and the Whirlwind-
Msurshima Comfort Chenge, 2022)

34. Power of the Secret Place-
(Kingsley C. Onanike, 2022)

35. Understanding Public Procurement Practice in Nigeria-
(Makar O. Dominic & Sawa B. Barka, 2022)

36. Roses for Maria-
(Msurshima Comfort Chenge, 2023)

37. Forty Days with Jesus-
(Rev. Fr. Paul Amoke, 2023)

38. Odyssey Of A Rootsman. A Biography of Yunana Sawudu-
(Chukwuemeka I &
Msurshima C. Chenge, 2023)

39. Land Banking And Its Yields- (Grace Seyi Garrbson ESQ, 2023)

40. Storms Of Destiny. A collection of poems-
(Lady Flora Destiny Ihekweazu, 2023)

41. Knowledge Of The Secrets Of God’s Kingdom. Where can we find?
(Godwin E. Inah &
Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Smart Inyang, 2023)

42. The Mission of Christ On Earth (Godwin E. Inah, 2023)

43. Slavery Has A New Name
(Barr. Judith Ene Ameh, 2023)

44. Verdict of The God’s-
(Mazi S. G Nwanchucku Okoli, 2023)

45. The Shrew’s Odyssey-
(Mazi S. G Nwanchucku Okoli, 2023)

46. The Prodigy in my Visions-
(Mazi S. G Nwanchucku Okoli, 2023)

47. The Stoic Corps of Eziaro-
(Mazi S. G Nwanchucku Okoli, 2023)

48. The Igbos of Nigeria -THE JEWS OF AFRICA
(Mazi S. G Nwanchucku Okoli, 2023)

(Mazi S. G Nwanchucku Okoli, 2023)

(Mazi S. G Nwanchucku Okoli, 2023)

51. NDIGBO – The Prime Movers of Nigeria
(Mazi S. G Nwanchucku Okoli, 2023)

52. Knocking Out
How to Kick Out Negativism With Positivism And Live Like A Champion-
(Charles C. Iwuchukwu, 2023)

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Our Mission is to bring knowledge and power to everyone in quality and style, giving writers and readers a beautiful platform to gain and share knowledge with comfort.

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