Computer Studies For Primary 6


Fortham Computer Studies for Primary Schools (Lower and Middle Basic) is carefully and extensively written to lay a solid foundation in computer edcuation for priumaryb school pupils based on the new Univeral Basic Education (UBE)/NERDC Curriculum on computer edcuation.

The advent of computers has brought very significant transformation in almost every discipline. Thus pupils need to study and get acquainted with it early in order to fit into the global village that we are in today.
Each of the series is written in modules and with an easy language, having very beautiful, attractive, colourful and richlly illustrated pictures and diagrams. The aim ius to arouse pupils’ interest and confidence in computer leaning instead of difficult concepts and other things that could discourage them.

Fortham Computer Studies for Primary Schools is a series comprising of pupils’ books 1 – 6. Books 1, 2 and 3 are meant for the Lower Basic Education, which are mainly pictorial with simple expressions written to introduce basic computer knowlegde to a beginner. Books 4, 5 and 6 are meant for the Middle Basic Education, and are also written in simple language, easy to read and understand.

The series advance in content as the class goes higher. It contains numerous activities and exercises, including summaries at the end of each module. Pupils and Teachers will find these books inestimable.

The author is a computer expert with vast experience in computer education. She has written several books including “Exposing Computer Secrets.”


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